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Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Professional Pruning Saw

The new and improved PC370MSPRO Wolf Garten Professional Pruning Saw replaces the REPM Energy-saving professional sawing of even thick branches in high trees, particularly in the pulling mode, is no longer a problem thanks to the 36 cm saw blade with double hardened teeth of the multi-star Professional PC370MSPRO tree saw.

The integrated professional branch hook prevents the saw from being unintentionally pulled out of the cut and the bark scratcher prevents cracks and splits in the bark. All multi-star handles as well as the WOLF-Garten Vario Handles can be fitted, making work at heights up to 5.70 m an easy matter. With its integrated handle, the PC370MSPRO tree saw is easy to use as a handsaw for all sawing tasks on the ground and at accessible heights.

Saw blade with branch hook and bark scratcher and reusable blade cover Curved saw blade enables effortless and powerful sawing which prevents bacterial infestation Integrated safety clip prevents accidental release when working in trees Pull saw with specially designed teeth for maximum cutting performance

Key Features:

Saw blade:

Special teeth 36 cm Handle / Grip: built in handle with internal connection for extension handle (recommended ZM-V3 / ZM-V4)

 Extras: Double hardened teeth Branch hook Bark scratcher

 Is this saw compatible with your chosen Handle? This saw is designed for use with WOLF Garten multi-change® Telescopic handles like the ZMV150, ZMV3 & ZMV4. It is not compatible with the non-telescopic multi-change® handles like the ZM02, ZM04, ZMI12 and ZMI15.