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Q4 Rootmore contains a blend of mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed, humates, beneficial bacteria and biostimulants to create stronger healthier plants. Ideal for planting out or transferring plants to new pots, simply add Q4 Rootmore to the bottom of the planting hole or rub directly onto the root ball so roots are in close contact with the Rootmore powder. 

Unlike multi-purpose fertilisers, Q4 Rootmore helps to create a healthy bioactive root zone leading to vigorous and robust plant growth with minimal requirement for additional fertiliser.

Q4 Rootmore:

  • Creates stronger, more resilient plants

  • Stimulates intensive root growth

  • Improves plant nutrition

  • Improves disease resistance and enhances stress resistance

Q4 Rootmore is suitable for roses, trees, shrubs and most edible plants. Results are not immediate as it will take time for the active organisms to develop and grow. The benefits will be clear to see as time progresses, especially in warmer weather. Q4 Rootmore is non-hazardous and safe to use around children and animals.

2.5kg tub shown on right in the image.