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  • To repair bare or sparse patches of grass in your lawn, all it takes is the new one step patching mix: Miracle Gro Patch Magic Grass Seed, Feed & Coir Jug Miracle Gro Patch Magic contains coir, superior quality seed (with no agricultural grass seeds) and Miracle-Gro Plant Food to produce 50% thicker grass with half the watering

  • This revolutionary grass seed mix is guaranteed by the manufacturer to grow anywhere, even in tough areas such as harsh sun, dense shade and trampled lawns

  • Simply remove dead grass from the area to be treated, loosen the soil with a rake, water and then sprinkle Miracle Grow Patch Magic according to the instructions

  • This shaker jug makes it simple to apply exactly as required

  • Water thoroughly until the coir turns dark brown. The unique compressed coir material absorbs water like a sponge, expanding instantly and changing colour to show it is surrounding each seed in a dark, moist, protective layer. It’s even better than topsoil.

  • The coir continues to care for the seeds, providing them with nutrients and holding water right next to them to improve establishment

  • You’ll know when it needs more water as the coir changes colour as it dries out

  • Seedlings should germinate in 5-14 days