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Carbon Gold’s Biochar Seed Compost will get your seeds off to the strongest start possible. The combination of biochar and organic coconut coir also means that your plants will need watering much less frequently. Plus, when it’s time to plant out or pot on, your transplanted seedlings will “take” quickly in their growing positions.

  • Carbon Gold Biochar All Purpose Compost is 100 % peat free and synthetic chemical free.

  • Certfied and approved for organic growing.

  • Made from coconut fibre.

  • 10 litre bag.


The earliest known use of biochar was by the Amazonians over 2,000 years ago. Biochar is a high-carbon form of charcoal that is produced by heating organic matter at extremely high temperatures and in the absence of oxygen, a process called “pyrolysis”. By using Carbon Gold biochar, you can bring a physical and permanent change to your soil. It improves structure, aeration, water-holding capacity, and nutrient retention, and provides a refuge for beneficial microbes, which we add to improve plant health. It also locks away carbon permanently underground so it is beneficial for the environment as well as plants, veg and edibles!