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GARDENA is your brand you can rely on for high-quality, durable premium rain barrel pumps. The GARDENA Rain Water Tank Pump 4700/2 stainless steel helps you to save water by using collected rainwater to water your garden – and without the need for a watering can.

If you are looking for comfortable, extra-powerful and robust tools, this pump is for you. The Rain Water Tank Pump 4700/2 inox is practical, efficient and easy to use. The pump has a narrow housing of only 149 mm, is made of high-quality stainless steel inox and delivers up to 4700 liters per hour. Use with both a garden sprayer and a larger sprinkler such as the AquaZoom. The pump is equipped with a filter that stops dirt and other particles, thus preventing damage to the pump. And what happens if the water tank is empty? No worries – the 4700/2 stainless steel model has a floating float switch that automatically switches off the pump when the water drops below a certain level to prevent the pump from running dry. You can set the switch-on and switch-off height as desired. At a desired residual water level of 5 mm, the pump can be set to continuous operation by locking the float. The optimised telescopic pipe also contributes to comfort, as you can guide the water over the edge of the vessel without losses and kinks. Simply adjust the tube to the desired length between 670 and 870 mm at your rain barrel.

The pump is easy to transport if you need to move it to another location. Lay the connecting cable over the sturdy tube and use it as a comfortable and non-slip handle.
The GARDENA Rain Water Tank Pump 4700/2 stainless steel is a high-quality, durable pump that is ideal for deep water, such as water collected in rain barrels. With 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing pumps, GARDENA is the leading brand you can rely on. We stand behind all our products and have extended our warranty to 40 months – simply register your purchase online.