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The Power For All 18v Alliance is one of the largest cross-brand 18v battery platforms on the market today. Power For All lithium ion batteries were orginally developed for the Bosch Home & Garden range of cordless tools but can now be used in all Power For All 18v Alliance products, from manufacturers including Gardena, Bosch, Gloria, Wagner and Rapid.

The THS 42 is a long reach hedge trimmer with a telescopic shaft for great flexibility, whether you’re trimming the tops of tall hedges or working closer to the ground. When fully extended, most users will be able to trim hedges of up to three metres while remaining standing on the ground, and if you need to level off the top of a hedge, the head can be tilted to the appropriate angle – a feature that is also very convenient when cutting ground cover, enabling you to trim it while maintaining a comfortable standing position. The THS 42 has a 42cm blade which will cut through branches of up to 16mm in diameter and the optimised blade geometry ensures that every cut is completed cleanly and efficiently.

The THS 42 can be used with any battery which is part of the Power For All 18v Alliance, and it is an energy efficient machine. A fully charged 2.0ah Power For All battery will provide up to 80 minutes runtime, giving you enough time to complete around 200 square metres of hedge. Upgrade to a 6.0ah battery and it will run for up to four hours, or around 600 square metres. An integrated charge level indicator on the handle of the tool makes it easy to check remaining charge at any point so you can always see how much power is left in the battery.

• Battery Voltage: 18v
• Battery Type: Power For All lithium Ion
• Blade Length: 420mm

Features & Benefits
• Long Reach cordless hedge trimmer with telesopic shaft
• Part of the Power For All 18v Alliance
• Shares battery compatibility with all other tools in the alliance
• Head can be tilted for levelling off the tops of hedges or for surface trimming
• LED indicator on tool for checking remaining battery charge at any time
• Durable and robust 42cm blades for clean, efficient cuts
• Will run for up to 4 hours on a full charged 6.0ah battery