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Gardena Wall Hose Box ‘RollUp M/L’ – 25m”

  • Color: blue & gray

  • Garden hose of 25 m

  • Nozzle with 2 spray options

  • Hose diameter: 13 mm

  • Wall mount

  • Easy to handle

  • No more tripping hazards

  • UV and frost resistant

  • Automatic lock

  • With anti-theft protection

  • Storage compartment for accessories

  • 5 year warranty

Watering the garden has never been easier than with the Gardena RollUp Wall Hose Box! ??
This wall hose box comes with a wall bracket, flexible connection hose (25 m), a nozzle with 2 spray options & all necessary mounting parts.

With the RollUp, you prevent tripping hazards caused by a water hose lying around. This hose is attached to the wall & connected to the faucet with a flexible connection hose. The hose has a length of 25 m so you can effortlessly water all corners of the garden.

Thanks to the sturdy wall bracket, the Hose Box can be rotated more than 180°. The garden hose automatically locks in very short intervals as soon as you stop watering. By lightly pulling on the end of the hose, the lock is unlocked.

The innovative RollUp technology causes the hose to roll up smoothly & in a controlled manner. The RollControl protects the hose box and the environment from damage caused by rolling in too quickly. To prevent kinks or knots in the hose, the box has an integrated hose guide.

With the hose and tap attachments of the Original Gardena System, you can easily and flexibly connect an extension or other compatible Gardena element to the hose. The hose attachments can be stored under the wall bracket. This way you always have them at hand & save space!

The advantages of the Gardena RollUp:
? No tripping hazards from a water hose lying around
? Easy & flexible to handle
? Integrated hose guide to prevent kinking of the cable
? The innovative RollControl technology rolls up the hose smoothly & controlled
? The accessories can be stored under the wall bracket (space-saving!)
? UV- and frost-resistant: you can leave the Wall Hose Box hanging outside all year round
? With anti-theft protection
? 5-year warranty

About Gardena:
Gardena is the leading brand for high-quality garden tools, offering innovative solutions for everyday gardening. Whether you need to prune, maintain your lawn, saw, clean up your garden or till your soil, Gardena has it all (and makes garden chores a lot more fun and easy!).