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  • 3 IN 1 FUNCTIONALITY: This innovative cat scratching post serves as a play centre, nap zone, and scratcher; It is perfect for keeping your cat entertained, satisfying their scratching instincts, and preserving your furniture from potential damage

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: The Saffron Cat Scratcher is made from a combination of high-quality wood and plaited paper rope; It has a sturdy construction that withstands vigorous use, ensuring longevity and providing excellent value for money

  • ENTICING PLAY FEATURES: The Scratcher comes with an interactive feather teaser toy, guaranteed to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts; This engaging feature will have your feline friend scratching, pouncing, and playing all day long

  • CATNIP INFUSED: Enhanced with the finest catnip, it keeps your cat interested and provides hours of fun and enjoyment; It’s an irresistible attraction that will maintain your cat’s engagement and encourage regular use

  • COMFORTABLE & STYLISH: It features a soft, plush top perfect for a cosy catnap after a busy day of play;

  • With its stylish design and compact dimensions of 48x30x30cm

  •  it will seamlessly blend into any home décor