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This Tom Chambers Bird Station Patio Stand is made from heavy-duty steel and allows you to place your Tom Chambers bird feeding station on a patio or harder surface than the usual soft ground.

This Tom Chambers Bird Station Stand comes with a socket for the stand and the wide, heavy duty base with scroll details will help to keep it stable in all weather conditions. The feeding stations fits the patio stand when the screw is tightened. It tightens up securely so the pole doesn’t wobble (even though there will be a gap between the base tube and pole).

The patio stand is compatiable with the below feeding stations:

  • Tom Chambers Classic Bird Feeding Station

  • Tom Chambers Everyday Bird Feeding Station

  • Tom Chambers Select Bird Feeding Station

  • Tom Chambers Nut and Seed Bird Feeding Station

On the bottom section of the Everyday, Classic, Select and Nut & Seed Stations there is a flat section with a hole in it, simply place the pole in the base and tighten.

This Patio Base will not fit the Prestige range of feeding stations (Elegance, Prestige, Deluxe).

Dimensions: 20.8 x 20.6 x 19cm