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Gardena 18600-20 Wall-mounted hose box RollUp S 15 m.


  • Perfect hose storage

  • Thanks to the wall hose box you have the garden hose and accessories always at hand

  • Sprinklers, garden sprayers and wash brushes can be easily hung and stored on the wall bracket

  • For convenient and flexible watering

  • Thanks to the practical wall bracket, the Hose Box can be angled at more than 180°

  • This allows you to flexibly water any corner of your garden without kinking the hose

  • Effortless operation

  • The garden hose automatically locks at the desired length thanks to the built-in short locking points

  • So you can easily do your watering work and have maximum freedom of movement

  • Ready to use

  • The Wall Hose Box RollUp S is supplied with a wall bracket, a 15-metre-long garden hose, a flexible connection hose, all required Original GARDENA System parts and a sprinkler with two different spray modes

  • RollControl

  • A slight pull at the end of the hose activates the integrated steel spring and winds the hose up automatically and reliably

  • RollControl technology ensures slow and safe retraction no matter how far the hose is rolled out

  • No kinks or knots

  • The Wall Hose Box has an integrated hose guide that ensures that the hose is rolled up evenly without kinks or knots

  • UV- and frost-resistant

  • The hose box is protected from the elements with both UV and frost protection

  • This means that it can be used in all four seasons

  • The 5-year warranty guarantees the high quality

  • * Detailed warranty conditions can be found in the enclosed operating instructions or online at www.gardena.com/warranty

  • This warranty does not affect your statutory warranty claims

  • Gardening is easier and more convenient than ever with the RollUp S wall-hose box

  • It helps to keep your garden neat and tidy and prevents annoying tripping hazards from an overflowing hose

  • The practical hose storage is easy to attach to the wall of your house and is connected to the tap with a flexible connection hose

  • The sturdy wall bracket allows the Hose Box to rotate more than 180 degrees so you can reach every corner of your garden effortlessly

  • For immediate use, you can easily extend the hose to a length of up to 15 meters

  • The garden hose automatically locks in very short intervals as soon as you stop, which means simple and easy handling

  • A light pull at the end of the hose unlocks the lock and a built-in steel spring with innovative RollControl technology ensures smooth and controlled retraction

  • The RollControl protects the hose box and its surroundings from damage due to rolling in too fast

  • To prevent kinks or knots in the hose, the box has an integrated hose guide

  • Through the hose and tap connections of the Original GARDENA System, you can easily and flexibly connect an extension piece or other compatible GARDENA element to the hose

  • You will always have your GARDENA hose attachments at hand

  • They can be mounted under the wall bracket and stored there to save space

  • De GARDENA wandslangenbox is UV- and frost-resistant en kan het hele jaar door probleemloos aan de muur van het huis blijven bevestigd

  • The high quality material offers you a long life and ease of use without maintenance

  • In addition, the box cannot be stolen thanks to the anti-theft protection and can only be removed from the wall by you

  • Together with the Wall Hose Box, you will receive a wall bracket, a flexible connection hose, all required Original GARDENA System and assembly parts as well as a nozzle with two different spray options

  • This high-quality product is delivered with a five-year warranty from GARDENA

  • Watering that is always ready for use thanks to the GARDENA Wall Hose Box RollUp S