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Product Information Outback Hot Rocks – High quality replacement for lava rock, for the authentic aroma of a charcoal barbecue. Contains 55 Pieces. Outback Hot Rocks are designed to replace the lava rock on your gas barbecue giving you the authentic aroma of a charcoal barbecue. The distinctively shaped flat base of Outback Hot Rocks allows the rock to sit easily on the basket. The top cushion allows grease/flat from your cooking to simply roll off, therefore minimising the chance of flare-ups. Outback Hot Rocks are manufactured using slate and ceramic with a mixture of charcoal. The mix is then hardened to the distinctive Outback Hot Rock shape for long lasting and hardwearing use.

Do not combine lava rock with Hot Rocks.

Contains 55 Pieces of Hot Rocks.

  • Outback 2 burner bbq – 21 pieces

  • Outback 3/4 burner bbq – 42 pieces

  • Outback 6 burner bbq – 49 pieces