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Cats are drawn to the surface made of rope, so the next time they need to stretch, they won’t go on your furniture! These 2 and 3-level barrels are the ideal tools for ensuring that your cat stretches its back and shoulder muscles completely. Because they are built of durable, simple-to-assemble construction that guarantees their safety while playing, Charlie’s Cat Barrels make the ideal climbing frame. The chic lush and sisal barrel is made of sisal and has a bamboo finish. It includes a lofty bed and an additional tunnel, making it ideal for sleep, play, and relaxation. Some key features of the Charlies Deluxe Bamboo Cat Barrel Scratcher are:

  • Durable sisal rope.

  • Safe for climbing and sleeping.

  • Perfect for claw sharpening and stretching the whole body.

  • Sturdy MDF boards keep the whole tree stable and solid.

  • Durable natural sisal rope covers the posts to allow scratching without damage.

  • Protects furniture.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Materials: Bamboo, hemp rope, MDF

  • 550 X460 X 310MM