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Your cat will have oodles of fun with this versatile Rosewood Caraway Cat Scratcher. Its strong and sturdy construction will offer a safe and secure playground for your inquisitive cat.

With three awesome scratching posts, two carpet perches and a rattle toy, the Caraway Cat Scratcher will keep your frisky feline entertained for hours, and the best part? – no more ruined furniture.

The seagrass rattle toy, infused with catnip will entice your cat to pounce and practise his hunting skills, and he can keep his claws sharpened on the scratching posts instead of the furniture.

The scratching posts are covered with seagrass which is tough and durable and built to endure a full assault from your excitable moggy. Cats who exercise become less bored and less stressed; the result is a fitter, healthier, happy cat.

Features of the Rosewood Caraway Cat Scratcher:

Strong and Sturdy
Rattle Toy
Infused with Catnip
Easy to assemble

Size: Width – 46cm, Depth – 40cm, Height – 48cm